Lundy Professional Development Resources, Inc., provides a series of management and supervisory skills workshops designed specifically for application in team environments. The workshops address issues common to all managers, supervisors, and team leaders and many can easily be tailored for presentation to employees and associates. Most workshops have been developed as full-day seminars, but most can also be designed for shorter timeframes, such as a half-day, a brown-bag lunch seminar, or a keynote presentation.

These seminars are designed to be interactive, experiential, and challenging. We guarantee lively and enlightening classes designed to keep participants interested and engaged. Courses can be provided in either a virtual or an in-person format. In-person workshops consist of presentations, small and large group discussion, small and large group experiential exercises, assessments, case studies, Q&A, and individual work. We use a variety of media to illustrate the topics covered. Virtual workshops are designed to be as interactive as possible given the format.

Our aim is to create maximum “take home” value – we want participants to be able to go back to their work settings and successfully apply what they have learned! At the end of each course, participants develop an Individual Action Plan to help put newly-learned or reinforced skills in place back in the office or at the work site.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity: These workshops teach participants how to interact with the workforce of the new millennium – how to lead people in today’s environment – improving the motivation and productivity of work teams.
  • Improved Motivation: Organizations who send their managers and supervisors to top-level training send the message: “We value our current and future leaders.”
  • Immediate Application: Skills learned are always related back to the work setting.
  • Enhanced Retention: Since the seminars are part of a comprehensive curriculum, the information participants learn in one workshop is reinforced and built upon in the other workshops.

In-person class size is usually limited to 20 participants, to allow for maximum interaction with others and increase the level of individual participation. Exceptions to class size limits may be made on a case-by-case basis.

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