As strategic plan facilitators, Phyllis Lundy and Kriss Wittmann help organizations develop all the components of their strategic plan, from the environmental scan to the action plan. Our interactive group process, developed over the last 10 years, makes the planning sessions innovative, practical, engaging, inspiring, lively, and fun.

Over the course of a day or two, we guide a group of stakeholders through a step-by-step process that involves each person in contributing their perspective to the various components that will make up the strategic plan. While Phyllis is facilitating the group, Kriss is creating a digital or wall map that will serve as a visual illustration of the key elements of the plan, and that will “tell the story” of the organization:

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The group is guided through the development of the following key plan components:

  • Environmental Scan (Current State and Future Trends)
  • Internal Scan (Strengths and Development Areas)
  • Visual Illustration Metaphor
  • Mission Statement
  • Desired Future State
  • Vision Statement
  • Beacon Statement
  • Values or Guiding Principles
  • Goals/Initiatives
  • Strategies to Achieve the Goals/Initiatives
  • Improvement Projects
  • Performance Metrics
  • Targets
  • Action Plans
  • Written Plan Documentation

If requested, we also provide quarterly or half-yearly follow-up sessions to assist with accountability and the successful implementation of the plan.

The Value of Visual Illustration:

Often, an organization’s strategic plan ends up collecting dust in a binder on a shelf or hidden away in an electronic file. When asked what the mission, vision, and values of the organization are, employees of most organizations can’t tell you. How do you keep your strategic plan alive and top-of-mind for everyone? We’ve found a way!

Our clients receive a dynamic, living, visual illustration of their plan that can be posted on the wall, digitized and made into 11” x 17” color copies, used as a screen saver, posted on a website, and incorporated into presentations and annual reports, to keep the strategic plan alive and visible throughout the year.

The strategic plan map can be used to engage and inspire employees who are not at the planning session, orient new employees, and engage customers and community members in the vision of the organization.

Why Have a Strategic Plan? Organizations who build and implement a strategic plan can expect the following benefits:

  • Meeting budget requirements that all expenditures be tied to a strategic plan and performance measures.
  • Staying focused and prioritizing your activities so that you can make the most of your resources.
  • Inspiring employees by connecting everyday activities to a larger purpose.
  • Encouraging you to look for context-sensitive solutions – not just “go by the book”.
  • Keeping you competitive with other organizations in your field.
  • Helping you focus on customer needs.
  • Encouraging you to be flexible by being results-oriented, not process-bound.
  • Encouraging you to be proactive – to not only solve problems, but to innovate.
  • Providing a guideline when you are making decisions, resolving problems, or creating initiatives.