Do you want to foster a strong team culture that contributes to higher morale, leading-edge customer service, a less-stressful work environment, key employee retention, and higher productivity?

Our facilitators listen carefully to your needs and desired outcomes, and hand-craft a team building program designed to meet those needs and achieve those outcomes.

We have helped work teams:

  • Build trust
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Share information
  • Communicate respectfully – even when in disagreement
  • Resolve tough interpersonal conflicts
  • Move successfully through change
  • Work together to break through barriers
  • Brainstorm real-time solutions to problems
  • Improve work processes

Our customized approach to team building:

  • Practical: We provide tools to help you achieve desired results in the real world.
  • Fun: We help you engage both sides of the brain for improved learning and retention.
  • Inspiring: We help create an atmosphere that brings out the best in each team member.
  • Challenging: We help you resolve interpersonal team issues so that the team can focus on its top priorities.

We offer innovative, engaging, and interactive programs suited to teams of all sizes. We create a lively session that can include any or all of the following:

  • Engaging the group in activities that help the team accomplish real-time objectives, such as:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Development of Mission, Vision, and Values Statements
    • Development of Team Charter
    • Process Improvement
    • Development of Team Interaction Agreement
    • Work Problem Resolution and Decision Making
    • Role Clarification
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Performance Objectives and Measures
    • Conflict Resolution


  • Use of group interactive indoor and outdoor activities to build cohesion, trust, and communication.
  • Use of assessments such as the MBTI, the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Assessment, What Makes Your Team Tick?, StrengthsFinder, Style Matters, and others, to create a common language and neutral way to discuss how to capitalize on team member similarities and differences. 

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