Phyllis Lundy: Leader, Coach and Mentor

The Intentional Leadership Coaching program provides leaders at all levels with a tailored one-on-one program to help them discover and use their strengths to achieve consistently high-quality results through a highly-motivated staff.

As a coach and mentor, I help leaders – and future leaders – communicate effectively and build strong working relationships with their teams, their peers, and their managers.  

As a former manager and human resources director, I work with leaders on a practical level to discover their development areas and fine-tune their employee and team management skills, so that they become experts in selecting, managing, and developing successful employees and providing an environment where individuals and teams can flourish.

By asking the right questions, I help each client decide how they want to be known as a leader and then develop and put into practice a leadership credo and self-management plan that matches their intentions.  

I have assisted leaders at all levels – from Team Lead to front-line Supervisor to mid-level Manager to Executive – to practice intentionally and consistently the communication and behaviors that lead to a successful career.

Along with coaching on real-life, real-time issues as they come up, here are some of the topics we might cover in our customized sessions:

  • Making the Transition to Supervision
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating a Motivational Atmosphere
  • Knowing How and When to Direct, Coach, Mentor, and Delegate
  • Using Formula “F” to Provide Feedback
  • Encouraging Employees to Improve Their Performance
  • Bridging the Generation Gap
  • Building Credibility and Influence
  • Fostering a Respectful Workplace
  • Avoiding Supervisory Liability
  • Building a Collaborative Team
  • Improving Your Ability to Manage Conflict
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Creating a Safe Environment for Crucial Conversations
  • Managing Diversity
  • Hiring Smart
  • Managing Yourself in Time
  • Running a Successful Meeting
  • Improving Your Presentation Skills
  • Improving Your Facilitation Skills
  • Improving Your Written Communication Skills
  • Understanding Yourself and Others Using the MBTI (or DiSC)
  • Leading a Successful Change Effort
  • Collaborative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Collaborative Process Improvement
  • Understanding Group Dynamics

In addition to one-on-one sessions, I can also set times to observe you in action with your team and provide feedback based on what I observe.

Here’s how to get started. Call or email me to set up a free half-hour phone or in-person meeting to determine if this opportunity is the right one for you. If you decide to move forward, we will meet to outline your needs and goals, set a strategy for meeting those needs and achieving your goals, and jump into the process!

Phyllis Lundy ~ Phone: 720-581-3257; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coaching sessions are usually anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes long, depending upon the topic and the depth of engagement. The number of sessions is determined by the number of topics you wish to cover, as well as the intensity of your current situation. (Sometimes difficult issues or interactions surface that need to be addressed and handled as they come up.)

I believe that every session we have should be useful to you, so we can set up one or more sessions and evaluate as we go along.